Working to help preserve

Papua New Guinea is one of the most fascinating and culturally diverse countries on earth Located in the Pacific Ocean (north of Australia) a population of just under six million is comprised of nearly 1,000 traditional societies, speaking an estimated 850 Read More>

HEG Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

The Human Environment Group (HEG) is now five years old To kick off our sixth year, we are pleased to welcome Erin Slater back to the company Erin is coming back as a partner with the HEG, and will play an important role in our future Over the past five Read More>

Indicators of Cultural Change

Uniquely situated amidst intense oil sand development in NE Alberta, the Community of Fort McKay (comprised of First Nation and M├ętis community members) is conducting a Cumulative Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment to describe the effect industrial Read More>

HEG continues work on Community Advisory Task Group

The Human Environment Group (HEG) recently completed facilitating a dozen workshops with over 100 local stakeholders in the Edmonton region The HEG's work focused on providing third-party facilitation between local stakeholders and EPCOR and AltaLink Read More>

HEG Celebrates opening of Salt Spring Island office

HEG Partner Carrie Oloriz has recently relocated to Salt Spring Island, BC, to operate HEG's west coast office, and better serve our British Columbian clients Carrie will continue to support the Calgary office while also focusing on key areas of service for Read More>