Indigenous Community Engagement, Public Participation & Facilitation

Indigenous Community Engagement, Public Participation & Facilitation

HEG provides expertise in the design and implementation of public participation programs. HEG partners are certified mediators and facilitators and have been involved in programs that have ranged in size from small groups of 10 – 15 stakeholders to large multi-year programs with several hundred stakeholders. The HEG provides advice and support in all phases of public participation programs, from the development of basic concepts and project design through to the implementation phase, and eventually to the communication and feedback phase.

Internationally, a key component of our work is the development and completion of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP),  working with local stakeholders to successfully implement the RAP.  We also have extensive experience reviewing Resettlement Action Plan’s to ensure they are compliant with Performance Standard requirements.

The Partners of HEG have the proven ability to develop effective working relationships with Indigenous communities. Our unique approach to public participation, communications and technical expertise has facilitated successful consultation with a range of audiences including community leadership, elders, trappers, farmers, technical teams, resource managers, youth and school groups.

HEG has successfully scoped, managed and facilitated projects on behalf of multi-stakeholder organizations throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Northern Canada, South America and Central America, Central Asia, South Pacific and Western Africa. The HEG team has facilitated multi-stakeholder discussions focused on issue identification, project scoping, and workplace development. By bridging the divergent goals and expectations of these groups we have assisted organizations in reaching consensus and agreement.